Villa Holidays departing from Bournemouth Airport

After experiencing rapid growth in recent years there are now plenty of international flights departing from Bournemouth airport. In particular seasonal trips to European cities are now within easy reach. So how about taking villa holidays from Bournemouth Airport? With flights to places like Geneva, Innsbruck, Turin, Tenerife, Girona, Rhodes and Faro, there are thousands of villas for you to choose from. Here's a selection of some that you could be staying in this summer.

With Thomson Airways now offering seasonal flights from Bournemouth to Turin, the villas of Piedmont are a viable option for holiday rentals. The Holiday Rentals website offers a good amount of villas in this region, famous for its wines and local cuisine. The San Raffaele Alto farmhouse, located high up in the hills above Turin, offers stunning views of the surrounding region, and a rustic and eclectic feel. The villa sleeps up to four people in a large open plan studio layout and can be rented for a week from around £385 depending on the exchange rate.

Also near Turin is the Donato villa, which is a renovated barn. Surrounded by steep valleys, hidden lakes, and wild forests, this is a real slice of rural Italy. Guests can hand-glide from nearby cliffs and even forage for truffles in the surrounding woods. The Donato offers two double bedrooms and sleeps up to four guests. Prices for this property start at £696 a week.

If you want to visit somewhere a bit warmer, then the Algarve could be for you. With regular flights between Bournemouth and Faro on Ryanair, you can be relaxing out in sunny Portugal in a matter of hours. The Holiday Rentals website offers dozens of luxurious villas, and none more charming than Countryside Cottage, a 3 bedroomed villa with high ceilings, a pleasant courtyard and a large private pool. Sleeping up to 6 people, this villa can be rented for the competitive price of £531 a week.

If you are looking for villa holidays within easy reach of Bournemouth airport, be sure to check out the official airport timetable. Many routes operate seasonally rather than year-round, so it is best to book flights on airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet before you agree to rent any accommodation.

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