Finding Great Deals on Villa Holidays

Villa holidays offer various advantages over staying in a hotel as many people do. Having your own villa offers far more privacy and, in most cases, you even get a swimming pool all to yourself. Since villas also provide self-catering accommodation, you will also save some money. If you are going with the family or a large group of four or more friends, staying in a villa often works out much cheaper per person than staying in a hotel.

Sites such as homelidays.co.uk or holidayrentals.co.uk are good places to start. Here you can find villas and apartments for rent all over the world. User reviews also make it easier to choose the accommodation that is best for you, rather than just relying on the owner's advertising.

Other companies specialize in villa holidays themselves. These companies often have strict quality standards and may vet their available accommodation themselves. Such companies often offer special deals, especially if you are prepared to go off-season.

Jamesvillas.co.uk is one place to start looking, with villa holidays starting at under £200 per person for 7 nights in the off-season and as little as £300 for the summer months. The site also provides user reviews. Directvillaholidays.com offers deals starting from £325 for September and October and villaplus.com offers similar rates for villas in Spain, Portugal and Greece.

Package tour companies such as Thompson Holidays can also arrange villa holidays with special rates that include flights, half-board accommodation and even airport transport at your destination.

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