Viking River Cruises Review

Viking River Cruises, established in 1997, is the largest river cruiseline in the world and offers trips to destination across Europe and Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, China, Egypt and Ukraine. The cruiseliners normally only accomdate 150 passengers, but most cruiseliners dock in the most popular towns and allow passengers to experience different cultures firsthand.

Onboard Service

Viking River Cruises is designed specifically for river journeys, which is why their ships usually only accomodate a maximum of 150 passengers. There are three main types of cruiseliners, each offering a variety of onboard services:

Europe River Cruises: Models transversing European rivers comne equipped with panaronmic room views, sun decks, bars and restraurants and a promenade. Each cabin has its own view on the outside and comes with a hairdryer, telephone, television, private bathroomn and air conditioning.

Yangtze River: Ships sailing China's Yangtze river offer the most space and amenities. The Viking Emerald ship, Viking River Cruises largest ships, sails the Yangtze and offers everything from gyms to internet cafes and French balconies.

Longships: Longships have more space than European ships and offer balconies, lounges and floor-to-ceiling windows as well as an indoor and outdoor seating area.

On all ships, onboard entertainment is designed to help passengers understand the culture for the region they're visiting. Entertainment includes lectures, local musicians, themed dinners and themed nights. Buffet breakfasts are offered on most cruises as well as complimentary drinks.


Viking River Cruises contains the largest fleet of river cruise ships in the world, with the Viking Emerald model as its largest. All of Viking's 30 ship types are refurbished yearly, and Viking prides itself on keeping its ships in top condition for its passengers.

Where can I book?

You can book Viking River Cruises either by visiting a travel agent directly and asking about specific cruiseliners, or visiting Vikingrivercruises.co.uk to view their entire fleet, look for quotes to different regions, examine the type of offers available and speak to a customer service advisor in detail about potential cruises.

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