Victoria, London is the place to be!

Victoria is a commercial and residential area of inner city London, lying completely within the City of Westminster, and named after Queen Victoria. The area of Victoria is defined as the streets around Victoria train station including Victoria Street, Buckingham Palace Road, Grosvenor Gardens and Vauxhall Bridge Road.

It's location places Victoria close to many of London's major attractions including Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey. Victoria is also home to some of London's best theatres and is very close to the West End if you want to take in a show. There are some fantastic restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs in the area and many pleasant walks along the river and around London's famous parks.

As such a central part of the City of London, there is plenty of accommodation in Victoria, London. Whether it is a grand hotel, boutique hotel or guesthouse that you are after, there is something to suit everyone, along with plenty of rooms and properties for rental for those visitors staying a longer period.

Victoria railway station and bus terminal are two of the busiest in the capital with links all over the rest of the UK. Victoria, London is an ideal place to make as your base for a visit to the big city.

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