Victoria Falls: an ideal place for lovers of extreme sports.

Victoria Falls, one of the world’s largest, is an incredible 1,700-metre-wide torrent of water that sets the adrenalin pumping just looking at it, but it’s also drawing ‘extreme travellers’ in search of a new adventurous take on visiting the Falls.

Because of the unstable political situation in Zimbabwe, tourists are basing themselves across the border in Zambia, reports BBC Travel, and Livingstone (named after ‘prototype’ intrepid explorer David) has become the place for the modern hearty and the brave.

How about a microlight flight in a motor-powered hang glider to get that thrill? You’ll glide along the Zambezi River to Victoria Falls, through the spray which rises to a height of 2,600ft, then back up river to view hippos and crocodiles along the banks before returning to terra firma. You can book through Bushtracks (www.bushtracksafrica.com) for $122 per person.

If you’d rather go down than up, you can bungee jump off the bridge connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe ($75) and experience the roar of nearly 120 million gallons of water gushing every minute over Victoria Falls.

But if you’re really in for something different, try the world’s first gorge swing. This involves a free-fall of 160ft, reaching more than 100 mph which allows you to swing through the gorge. A full-day excursion including breakfast, lunch, drinks and unlimited gorge swings, zip lining, and rappelling costs just $100 through African Horizons (www.africanhorizons.com).

Check www.cheapflights.co.uk for flights to Zambia. You can fly to Livingstone from £910 return including taxes, so get into the swing of things!.

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