Escape to a Chalet in Verbier

In the Southwest of Switzerland, located in Valais, the village of Verbier is one of the most idyllic locations in the Alps. It also happens to be a dream place to stay or live if you are into skiing. Sleeping options are plentyful and you can stay in a selection of Verbier chalets right on the slopes.

Picturesque Mountain Scenery

At an altitude of 1500 meters, some areas in Verbier can have snowfall 12 months of the year. Staying in Verbier chalets allows you to be near to all that is happening in the village where you are ready to attack the slopes at a moments notice. This is the main reason that a large number of skiing aficionados decide to buy their own chalet so they can access the steep slopes nearby all year round.

Verbinet (www.verbinet.com) is a popular booking website where you can keep up to date of upcoming ski events in Verbier, the weather and an entertainment guide for the village. Most importantly, you can book yourself a chalet in the heart of Verbier and if that doesn't suit they also have a fine selection of hotels, hostels and apartments. You can even book some ski lessons and lift passes all before you have even left home.

Skiverbier (www.skiverbier.com) is another great resource that lets you in on all the happenings in Verbier. Once again, you can book chalets for any period of time in Verbier village. You can choose from their flagship chalets, catered chalets or the more low maintanence self catering chalets if you prefer an independent sort of ski holiday.

In the Market for a Ski Chalet?

If you are looking to buy or rent Verbier chalets long term then you can check out the property for sale section on Verbinet where you can view chalets for sale by price range. Another good place to look is www.rightmove.co.uk which has a comprehensive selection of properties in the Verbier region as well as other popular slopes in Switzerland.

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