Venture into the Wild in Canada's Dinosaur Provincial Park

Journey to wilderness on your Canada holiday and be awed (or even frightened) by the sight of loads of dinosaur fossils at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Dinosaur Provincial Park.

A testament to the existence of dinosaurs decades ago, the park is considered to be “one of the greatest fossil beds in the world;” several dinosaur species have been discovered here, and a large number of fossils found were brought to various museums in Canada.

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However, this park’s not all about dinosaur fossils; it’s also home to various kinds of animals. Explore the park’s ecosystem, which is made up of grasslands, badlands, and riverside cottonwood, and enjoy the urban jungle; listen to the growls and caws of coyotes and nighthawks, and have a look at animals you don’t see every day, such as the cottontail rabbit, mule deer, pronghorn, prairie rattlesnake, bull snake, red-sided garter snake, curlew, and the Canada goose.

Want to see more? Discover the freshwater preserves at the park; observe fossils of fishes such as sharks, rays, paddlefish, bowfins, gars, and teleosts, or see the collection of amphibians such as frogs, salamanders, and even the extinct albanerpetontids. If it’s reptiles you want, the park has a number of them, such as lizards, turtles, crocodilians, and even the fish-eating Champsosaurus. Mammals such as shrews, marsupials, and rodents can also be seen.

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