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Looking for somewhere to go on holiday this year? Why not try the floating city of Venice? A cheap Venice Treviso vlucht (flight) will depart daily.


Venice is a historic city in Northern Italy that is famed for its canals and culture. Venice is considered by many to be one of Europe's most romantic cities. The city stretches across 117 small islands in the Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea. The city is easily accessible from Europe and the other major cities in Italy. Venice has a humid subtropical climate with cool winters and very warm summers. Average temperatures for July are 23 degrees Celsius.

Things to do

Whatever your interests may be Venice has something for you. Almost every visitor to Venice has a trip on a classic Venetian gondola. Venice is a major fashion and shopping centre in Italy with many boutiques and jewellery shops. Venice is one of the world's greatest and most beautiful cities of art. There are many galleries and museum displaying some famous works. The city also has a rich and diverse architectural design, and is renowned for its Gothic style. There are also many festivals throughout the year, including the Carnival of Venice, the Venice Biennale and the Film festival which is the oldest one in the world.


A Venice Treviso vlucht (flight) will take you to Treviso airport which is located just 30 kilometres from Venice and is a gateway to the city. Transport from here into the city is by bus from the company Barzi Bus Service. Buses run after each flight and the journey time is just over an hour. Tickets are available in the terminal or on the bus. Ryanair have cheap flights to Treviso from Leeds/Bradford, London-Stansted and Dublin.

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