Venice hotels


There is the Grand Canal, St. Marks Square, Rialto Bridge, and so much more. The only difficult thing about coming to Venice is choosing at which one of its many superb hotels to stay.

The Bauer Hotel is a five star hotel on the Grand Canal which opened its doors in 1880. In the 1940s, the hotel was rebuilt. A terrace was added to the seventh floor, and this terrace remains the highest outdoor terrace in Venice. Staying at the Bauer is an experience in palazzo living. The hotel’s 91 spacious rooms are decorated with high-quality antique furniture. Modern touches, such as marble bathrooms, mini bars, satellite television and PC outlets have been added. The hotel’s gourmet restaurant, De Pisis, offers terrace seating with spectacular views of the Grand Canal and the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute. Indoor dining is available. Like the guest rooms, the dining room is furnished in 18th century antique splendor. The menu consists of Mediterranean dishes made from locally grown produce. Spa treatments are available for total bodily and spiritual indulgence.

The Hotel Danieli is located just off Saint Mark’s square. The hotel is comprised of three opulent palazzi dating back to the 15th century. Walking into the Hotel Danieli, guests are awe-struck by the hand-made chandeliers, precious rugs, carved marble columns leading to marble staircases, and exquisite antique furniture. The hotel offers 225 guestrooms, each one decorated in antique furnishings, sumptuous brocade fabrics and marble bathrooms. The rooms overlook of the Venice lagoon or the Grand Canal. Some rooms have balconies. The Terrazza Danieli Restaurant is at roof-level of the Danieli Hotel. The chef’s expert creations are classical Venetian, with a bit of Mediterranean and Far East.

Saying at one of Venice’s first rate hotels is like stepping into the lives of medieval Venetian dukes and duchesses. Just a bit less decadent.

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