Venice Essentials in 4 Easy Steps

Nothing like a budget airline for getting you where you need and saving you money. EasyJet flies from Bristol, East Midlands and Gatwick to Venice Marco Polo from £50. RyanAir flies from Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool and Stansted.

Once you're there you'll want a 12-hour go-as-you-please vaporetto travel pass which costs €16 and will cover the journey from Venice to Chioggia. The bus for Venice from Chioggia, number 80, takes just over an hour and costs €4.50.

And by now, you'll want to sample some of what Italy is famous for... food. So straight down to Trattoria L'Assaggio, Fondamenta San Domenico 1250, Chioggia with you for divine pasta, Ristorante Da Nane, Via Laguna 283 for pizza you'd kill for and San Pietro in Volta for genuine Venetian dishes you’ve never heard of before, that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

And for the food coma that all that will bring on, you can close your eyes at At the Lido, Le Garzette, Legarzette, which has doubles from €100, and half board costs €80 per person.

If you're prepared to travel as far as Chioggia, the Soggiorno Acqua Rio has doubles from €60, SoggiornoAcquaRio. Bon Giorno!

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