Venice Beach goes Eco

Since Jim Morrison decided to check out of his hotel and go to Paris to die in his bathtub, Venice Beach has seriously cleaned up its act. Not even the skater dude remnants of DogTown and Z Boys could drag it back to the bad old days.

Now it’s all about eco this and eco that, latte-frappchinos and Green Tea mocchawhatsits. But seriously, these are some severely luxurious digs to rest post surf.

Each sleeps just two people – purrfect: you have your choice from the sleek Le Bébé Cottage, with its baroque Paris feel (there's even a bright-red birdcage reborn as a swivel chair!); or you can kip down at Aunt Zoe's Place, decorated like a 1940s lakeside cabin, with restored farm sinks and stained-glass windows; and Papa Hemmingway Cottage, designed like a wilderness lodge – ideal for Ernest H admirers with a thirst for strong rum caiparinhas.

Check out the Venice Beach Cottages at VeniceBeachCottages.

A tad pricey at $215 per night with a three nights minimum, but then California sunsets don’t come cheap.

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