Guide to Hiring Vans in Manchester

Vans in Manchester

Three of the leading rental companies of cars and vans in Manchester.

Manchester Car & Van Hire (manchestervanhire.com)

Located in the centre of the city, behind Manchester Piccadilly railway station, Manchester Car & Van hire is one of the leading local rental companies for vans in Manchester. In addition to a range of small, medium and large size cars, the company hires out commercial vans of various sizes. A Transit Connect starts from £30 per day or £17.14 per day for periods of 28 days or more. Rent a four metre panel van for £54 per day or £38.40 per day for periods of 28 days or more.

Arnold Clark Salford (arnoldclarkrental.com)

Vans are available to hire from Arnold Clark's Manchester Salford branch on Brunel Avenue. Smalls vans (Group A) such as a Citroen Berlingo start from £25 per day, rising to £105 per day for a Group D vehicle such as a Ford Transit Luton or a nine-seater van. Discounted weekend and weekly rates available.

Salford Van Hire (salfordvanhire.com)

Salford Van Hire is located Sherborne Street, Manchester, two streets away from Salford Car Hire in Great Ducie Street. The dedicated van hire premises boasts one of the largest van fleets in the UK, from small vans to the large tractor units for any purpose, from DIY removals to self-drive LGV. Small vans start from £30 per day to £125 per week. LGV vehicles start from £90 per day, LGV license required. Rent a panel van for £58 per day or £265 per week.


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