Valentine's Day 2014 in Paris: 7 most romantic locations

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If you are in Paris with your loved one today, you are very lucky indeed. If you are not, think about getting there as soon as possible, for the most romantic city in the world is, of course, the best possible place where to enjoy to most romantic Valentine's Day of your life. In this post, we will look at all the best things to do in Paris on this very special weekend, and we will also look at how the city is celebrating love and lovers in ever changing ways.

This Valentine's Day in Paris then, please do not renounce to the pleasure of the ultimate romantic dinner or walk along the riverside, where the love padlocks sparkle in the red sunset. But also, don't forget to look up at those normally not too romantic led displays that give general information to the public in the streets: this year, in fact, the City of Paris is celebrating Valentine's Day by publishing the best 160 text messages from lovers on the 170 city displays for everyone to enjoy and rejoice.

For a vey special Valentine's dinner, you may choose to dine on a boat, between glass walls, lulled by the flow of the river Seine slipping undisturbed in the light of the Parisian night. Or, if you fancy something more lively, choose a dinner show at the Paradis Latin or the Mouline Rouge, accompanied by bottles of Bordeaux and Champagne.

Amongst all the must see locations of this enchanted city, there are 7 which are considered the most romantic for Valentine's Day.

First of all, Parc Monceau, in the chic district bearing the same name, a beautiful park full of woods and trails, streams, ponds and even artist's sculptures. Then the Palais de Tokyo, with its amazing view on the Montmartre district and its characteristic 'Wall of I love you', written in all languages ​​of the world. If you are a litte more crepuscolar, enjoy a sunset at the Père Lachaise Cemetery: the suggestive cemetery where artists such Oscar Wilde and Marcel Proust lie to rest.

Another green lung of the city is Parc des Buttes Chaumont, also very appropriate for a sentimental weekend and featuring the temple of the Sibyl .

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And, of course, amongst these Parisian classics we could not avoid to mention the Eiffel Tower: do climb all the way to the top with your loved one this Valentine's day, and rejoice of the breathtaking view. Similarly, get to the top of the spiers of Notre Dame, take in the amazing view amongst the Gothic gargoyles then rush back down for a breathtaking kiss in Place Dauphine .

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