Valentine's Day 2014: romantic ideas and events in NYC

If your idea of being romantic goes beyond the traditional chocolates and roses, then we can show some of the things you can do in the city of lights. Whether you are out to impress or simply want to indulge in romance, fabulous Valentine's Day 2014 ideas and events in NYC will surely wow your loved ones.


Here are some Valentine's Day 2014 ideas and events in NYC:

  • - Celebrate at Times Square

If you are visiting New York, check out the Valentine’s Day celebrations on Times Square. This is a month long celeb and on the big day itself you can propose to your loved using one of the huge video screens. There are even weddings held at the Square. If you have already tied the knot, you can also renew your vows on this location. For more info, check out the website, timessquarenyc.org.

  • - Dine at a romantic restaurant

Taking your beloved half, girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever you call your special someone on a dinner date is still considered a romantic activity for Valentine’s Day. There are many romantic and fantastic date spots in NYC from Times Square to the Empire State Building. That said, try the following fabulous restaurants: Aureole (Manhattan Upper East Side), One if By Land, Two if By Sea (17 Barrow Street)and The Sea Grill (19 W 49th St).

  • - See a show

NYC is known for its cultural shows and theatre spectacles. Go watch a burlesque, play or the traditional Broadway show.

  • - Share a drink at a cosy bar

Before getting into that romantic dinner, you can always go to a bar and toast your love with bubbles such as champagne or sparkling wine.

  • - Take a walk

Go for a stroll downtown or through Central Park for some quality time together. It is healthy and fresh air will put you in a good mood.

  • - Do a massage

Book a massage for you and your loved one. Om Factory offers the chance to get intimate with each other and you can even do yoga as a couple.

  • - Dance together

There are many places in NYC where you can go dancing from the provocative tango to the classic rumba.

Cruise or book a helicopter ride

If you are on a tight budget, hop on the Staten Island Ferry in New York Harbour. Relish the fantastic views of Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan Bridge. Or, if you are feeling generous and have enough cash to spare, book helicopter rides to see the same sights from above. With so many Valentine's Day 2014 ideas and events in NYC, you will not fail at making the day an interesting and unforgettable one for you and your partner.

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