Valentine's Day 2014: best holidays in Europe

The most romantic day of the year can be celebrated in many ways. One delightful option is to book Valentine's Day 2014 holidays in Europe. There are plenty of easy trips you can do on or off Continental Europe such as short breaks to Paris, Rome, Bruges, Barcelona or Venice.

Where you can go

Several destinations come to mind when speaking of Valentine's Day 2014 holidays in Europe, as follows:

  • - Paris

France’s capital is considered the most romantic city in Europe if not in the world. Enjoy a gastronomic dinner in a restaurant on Champs Elysee, climb the Eiffel Tower, take a cruise or walk along the Seine River.

  • - Venice

Gondola rides and sumptuous Italian food are images that come to the mind whenever Venice is mentioned. Hire someone to serenade both of you on this romantic day before heading off to the quaint piazzas to grab something to eat. Stroll on St. Mark’s Square or simply admire Gothic architecture that abounds in the city.

  • - Florence

Another Italian city favourite is Florence, home of the Opera del Duomo and other priceless art works. Hire a car and drive through sprawling olive groves in the region. You can even cycle together or walk through the picturesque countryside.

  • - Barcelona

Gape at the awesome Sagrada Familia Basilica and get inspired by its Gothic architecture. Enjoy the Palace of Catalan Music, visit the Montserrat Monastery or the Gothic quarter. You can even book a paella cooking session during your visit or just sample local and regional cuisine in the many fine restaurants in the city.


If you choose Valentine's Day 2014 holidays in Europe, you can opt to take the train, drive or fly and drive. Prices depend on the mode of transportation and the hotel you are going to take. However, there are special packages that can be booked through Thomas Cook (thomascook.com), Last Minute (lastminute.com) or Super Break (superbreak.com). To give you an idea of prices, a flight to Paris plus hotel for 2 nights will cost £226.83, Barcelona £191.31, and Venice, £231.42.

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