Valentine's Day 2014: best hotels for chocolate lovers

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Are you in love with chocolate? For all the appreciator of this palatable delicacy, here is a list of all the best hotels in the world that make chocolate their selling point.

Nothing better than eating chocolate while travelling. Two wonderful experiences conjured into one magical moment. Think about events such as Cioccolatò or Eurochocolate, always able to attract plenty of visitors. We could even talk of a chocolate-based tourism, and that's why we are venturing into writing of some of the chocolate-based hotels that no chocolate-lover should do without.

Let's begin with Cocoa Cottages in Dominica. Perched high in the rain-forest just above the Dominican capital city of Roseau, Cocoa Cottage is a Caribbean guest house, surrounded by cocoa plants, coconut palms, banana and papaya trees, as well as a plethora of tropical wild flowers. Here you will be able to witness the process of creation of chocolate, ending with a must deserved tasting of the final produce. Peanuts chocolate, roasted coconuts chocolate, even ginger and mint chocolate. Furthermore, you have a choice of six beautiful rooms decorated with lively flowers, mosaic tiles and private porches. And, if you prefer, you can choose the tree house and sleep under the firmament.

If you go to downtown Boston, take your chance and visit the luxury Langham Hotel. Their Chocolate Bar offers delicious temptations of chocolate in form of cakes, desserts, cupcakes, pies and bite-size chocolates. And the nice thing is that the buffet is a fixed price one. Here you can also organize private birthday parties and even the 318 rooms offer you some nice choice of chocolate bars.

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The Boucan Hotel is in the plantation of St Lucia and offers a Rabot Estate boutique: founded in 1745 and owned by an English chocolate manufacturer, it offers you a real tour in chocolate. It starts with a walk through the groves of cocoa trees and ends up with you eating fine chocolate truffles. In addition, the hotel's cuisine offers a rich menu of this brown powder: chicken with cream ganache, Angus Beef with Port wine sauce and chocolate, even a chicken curry with chocolate. To relax, then you can do spa treatments always made ​​with chocolate, while fourteen rooms offer a nice overview of the volcano.

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