USA flights in 2011 are providing unlimited access at competitive prices

The USA is by far the most important long haul destination for flights from the UK. With competition rife among airlines flying to America, from a variety of British airports, there is an excellent choice of USA flights in 2011.

There are over 20 cities in the USA which have direct flights in the UK. Some of the major USA airports include JFK and Newark in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Some of the major airlines flying to the USA include, British Airways, KLM, American Airlines and Delta.

The no-frills airlines have increased passenger's expectations about being able to take international flights from their local airports, and this in turn has seen airlines like Continental open up a huge range of flights from various UK regional airports. The airline operates flights to New York Newark from Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast.

Prices of flights to the USA vary during the year. Flying economy to New York with one of the major airlines will cost you £370 in June and £500 in August. Orlando is a family favourite. Its best months are July and August, which coincide with school holidays, but also higher-priced flights.

When looking for flights to the USA it is important to investigate every avenue. Travel agents can offer exceptionally good deals on chartered flights. There are excellent cheap flight websites such as skyscanner which can find you some of the cheapest deals on the web.

Finding USA flights in 2011 is not too difficult, but it might be wise to book early in order to get the best deal.

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