USA Car Rental Tips

USA Car Rental Reservations

The majority of car rental agencies in the USA have toll-free reservations. In some cases, you may find better rates by visiting the car rental company’s website. Before you make a car rental reservation, compare the rates. They vary from one company to another.

USA Car Rental Classes

In the USA, you get the lowest car rental rates for the smallest vehicles, unless you snag a special. Each agency has its own name for this car rental class-- subcompact or fits two-adults and two children. Compact cars are only a little larger. They hold four adults, but it is a tight squeeze for your baggage. Mid-size and full-size cars are often the best choice for comfort and space for your belongings.

Sports cars, SUVs and luxury cars fetch a much higher rate. Exotic car rentals often require a visit to a specialized luxury car rental company. They may not be available in smaller cities.

USA Car Rental Fees

In addition to the daily rate for your car rental, expect a bevy of fees for a car rental in the USA. Collision insurance provided by the car rental company adds up daily. Adding GPS and satellite radio tacks on more charges daily. Extra drivers and underage drivers attract even more fees at many car rental agencies in the USA.

USA Rental Car Pickup

Major car rental agencies pickup customers outside the baggage claim areas at major airports. When you arrive, follow the signs that direct you to the waiting area for the car rental agencies. When the driver arrives, you may need your reservation number. If you are already at your destination in the USA, the agency may pick you up at your hotel. Otherwise, you will need to catch a ride or use public transport to get to the car rental lot.

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