Urban breaks: Four quirky things about Liverpool.

Liverpool’s Anglican Gothic-style Cathedral was designed by a Roman Catholic, Giles Gilbert Scott, who submitted designs in the 1903 architecture competition for the proposed work when he was still a 22 year- old pupil. The project occupied his entire life and although a Londoner, he was buried outside its west wing on his death. Completed in 1978, it is the largest Cathedral in the UK and the fifth largest in the world. Sir Giles also created Britain’s iconic red telephone box, sadly fast becoming an endangered species.

The city’s world famous orchestra, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic claims to be the only one to have played under water. To celebrate its 60th birthday in 1994, the orchestra played in the tunnel under the river Mersey.

Adolph Hitler’s half brother, Alois, ran a small restaurant and boarding house in the city centre with his Irish wife before the First World War. The history is hazy as to whether he was visited by his infamous brother, but his son’s birth was registered in the city in 1911.

To the north of the city, Sefton’s Natural coast, a 22-mile stretch of sand, is home to the fourth largest sand dune system in Britain, making up a fifth of the UK's sand dunes.

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