Upcoming events for those who like to plan ahead

If you’re looking at your diary and have a few free weekend slots, why not take a short theme based trip to the continent and enjoy some winter fun? We’ve chosen two ‘easy to get to’ destinations that might take your fancy.


When you think ‘Night of the Proms’, you think Albert Hall London, but this fabulous classical music event has actually spread to other European countries, with a little help from its promoters, of course. Belgium hosted the first continental performances in 1985 but now you can see the show in Cologne’s Lanxess Arena on the 16th and 17th of December. There’s a fun variation on the theme with pop music included too, making it a lighthearted affair. Pop performers this year include Seal and Alison Moyet. Visit notp.com for further details.


Ward off the post Christmas blues with a trip to Zurich’s ‘Art on Ice’ festival in the city’s Hallenstadion. Prepare to be wowed, not only with stylish displays of ‘dancing skaters’ but also daredevil acrobatics, fireworks and jumps over burning bins! There are singers and live musicians to keep you entertained and be prepared to join in by dancing along to the music The festival takes place from the 2nd to the 5th of February and the show then moves to Lausanne and St Moritz. Visit artonice.ch for further details.

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