Take a break from work and the norm with some unusual places to stay in the UK

For a really unforgettable UK break, we have some holiday homes which will be the main focus of your vacation snaps. Here are our top unusual places to stay in the UK.

For those looking for something not just surrounded by natural beauty, but also designed to conserve the environment, Oneoffplaces.co.uk offers a stay in an eco-cabin in the Shropshire hills starting at 370 per week.

Built from clay, lime, reeds and sheeps wool and heated by wood pellets and solar heating, the property sleeps up to four people and lies just on the outside of the town of Ludlow.

Another quirky option is the Windmill Cottage in Horning near Norfolk. There are many windmills that have been converted into holiday homes across the UK, but few still have there sails attached and even fewer can match this choice for location.

Situated right on the banks of the River Bure, it sleeps up to four people and a weeks stay starts at £350 when booking through holidaylettings.co.uk.

For larger groups, the castle like Logie Country House has five bedrooms, a private indoor pool, jacuzzi and gymnasium and is set in the Scottish countryside despite being only 15 miles from the city of Aberdeen.

A weeks stay starts at £995, but late deals can be picked up when the property has not been reserved, once again through holidaylettings.co.uk.

If you are looking for something really out of the ordinary, you might want to consider this Welsh camping trip with a difference.

Nestled in the Cledan Valley, this campsite has ditched ordinary tents for pre-assembled luxury tipis which host up to eight people on fold-out beds across its hardwood floors.

Eight people sharing a 28 foot tipi for the weekend, will set you back just £15.81 per person per night and the site is only a 25 minute drive from the boundary of Snowdonia National Park.

Visit stayinwales.co.uk for more details on this offer.

If none of these options suit your taste, but you like the idea of finding your own unusual places to stay in the UK, a great way to start is contacting the Landmark Trust.

Their website has a wide range of holiday homes, including a special section for late availability offers that are heavily discounted.

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