Unusual holidays in the UK

Unusual holidays in the UK don't have to be as creepy as they may sound. When we say unusual we just mean something a little different. A lot of people hit up the same beach in Spain year after year, eventually that has to get boring right? These holiday suggestions are for anyone that is craving something new, something different.

Since you are staying in the UK this year let's find some great areas that you wouldn't normally stay in. There are lots of amazing holiday spots in the UK, here are just a few of them.

1. Wreck Diving: Ship wreck diving has become hugely popular over the last few years in the UK. It is a great way to see some stunning sites and it is something completely different as far as holidays go. Hit up the 'Lundyisland' website for all the costing information and sites to choose from.

2. Rock Climbing: The UK is famous for many great rock climbing areas. They are well worth a look and make for a great holiday. Rock climbing is perfect for any family that is activity or sports driven. There are lots of amazing areas in the UK to do this so hit up 'Rockfax' and see what they have on offer.

3. Caving: Another great way to spend a weekend. You will get to explore the dark caves of the UK and learn a little bit of history as you make your way deeper into the claustrophobic caves. This is a great holiday for those who love adventure. Check out the 'British-Caving' website for pricing and information on how to book the trip.

There you have it, three different suggestions to help you shake up your holiday experience this year with unusual holidays UK!

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