We take a look at some unusual holidays in Scotland

If you are looking for a holiday that offers a little something different than the usual beach break, then let us show you a few sites where you can find unusual holidays Scotland (in Scotland) that won't break the bank. Why not spend your time off doing something a little different than your standard holiday fare?

With package holidays beginning to lose their lustre as people get older, it is time to start looking for a few more unique ways to spend your precious time off! One of these is by taking in an unusual holiday, and a great site offering these breaks in Scotland is Unique Scotland, who you can find online at www.uniquescotland.com.

This site offers massive variety in unique breaks around the country, with one of a kind cottages and properties to be rented, as well as some fun activities like ghost hunting and some Scottish history trips,including the Braveheart Tour, that you simply won't find in any holiday brochure! We highly recommend checking them out for a fun, and more importantly, unique holiday!

This suggestion may be a little out there for some people, but if you want a trip that offers some real unique possibilities, then why not go Nessie Hunting in Loch Ness? This activity is the perfect way to spend a day in gorgeous surrounds, and all the information you could possibly need on doing it can be found on the official Nessie monster website at www.nessie.co.uk.

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