Untypical eats in Zurich, at untypical prices

Are you stuck in Zurich, a bit hungry but don't have the time or money to go to a restaurant? Well, then here’s a recommendation for you: Lebanese food at the Libanon il Achdar - which means ‘the green Lebanon’ to you.

Mercifully, the food here is refreshingly different from your usual kebab. Choose between lamb, chicken, beef or kafta (small ground beef balls), or falafel, the vegetarian version. Add tasty vegetables, a sauce with lebanese spices and then stuff the whole thing with french fries. It's fantastic.

Alternatively there are chicken skewers, fried kaftas, maali (pita bread with vegetables and hummus) for the vegetarians and all kinds of other exotic flavours.

Give it a try, you won't regret it. Take yourself along to Libanon IL-Achdar, Hafnerstrasse 13, Kreis 5 Industrie; 8am – 9pm daily. Most things coming in at a mouth watering CHF7 (£4.25), TheGreenLebanon.

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