United Kingdom/Dalaman flight tickets

United Kingdom/Dalaman flight tickets, we have found a couple of low cost flights. They seem to be cheapest when flying from either London or Manchester.

Manchester/Dalaman: When taking a flight from Manchester to Dalaman it is always best to hit up the Cheap Flights (http//www.cheapflights.co.uk) website. They are a top-notch comparison style website that will search across many of the best airlines to find you the best deals.

There are some great low cost flights in summer but the lowest cost flights we found were for October 2nd. Dalaman still has amazing sunny weather in October so don't worry about a thing, your holiday will still be amazing. We found a flight for only £171 return on the 2nd of October, returning on the 5th. You will find it very hard to find a return flight again for so cheap.

London/Dalaman: The London flight is a little more expensive but it is peak summer season and it is still very cheap for a return flight from Dalaman. The flights leave on the 19th of August and return on the 22nd of August. This is a direct flight and it will cost you £326 return.

We found this great deal on the eDreams (http://www.edreams.com) website. This is a user friendly website that compares against a huge selection of top airlines to find you the very best the internet has to offer.

There you have it, United Kingdom/Dalaman flight tickets for cheap! Check out these great websites and snatch up a great deal on a flight to Dalaman.

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