Looking for a unique holidays in Scotland? Hogmany is you!

If you're looking for a holiday the likes of which you've never experienced, you need to spend New Years Eve in Scotland. On December 31, the celebration of Hogmanay is held, and the different traditions and events held held all over the country makes it a must for some one looking for unique holidays in Scotland.

For example, one of the most unique holidays Scotland has to offer is the Stonehaven fireballs ceremony, which is held every year on Hogmanay. Every year on December 31st giant balls made of chickenwire, old newspaper, rags and sticks are attached to five foot long metal poles, and then set on fire! Up to fifty brave local men then take the resulting giant fireballs and swing them wildly in the air as they parade down the main street of this north-eastern Aberbeenshire town. A tradition since ancient times, this magnificent festival has become quite a crowd puller in recent times, sometimes drawing over 15,000 people, so if you want to see one of the maddest unique holidays in Scotland, you're going to have to book ahead. To get information on accommodation, as well as to check a full schedule of even, check out http://www.stonehavenfireballs.co.uk/

If you can't make it out to Stonehaven, don't worry! One of the most unique holidays in Scotland is actually the easiest to get to. The Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations are another must see for fans of Scotland. Starting with a mammoth torchlight procession down the famous King's Mile, Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations quickly becomes a massive city encompassing street party, with a mass of free events including a concert featuring big name acts as well as other unique events, like the burning of a viking ship in the river Forth. To see a full listing of events, be sure to visit http://www.edinburghshogmanay.org


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