UK's best walking routes by miles

It happens; you pig out on food and drink over the Christmas and New Year then spend January feeling like a trussed up turkey in your used-to-fit shirts and pants, or worse, you drop £500 on a gym membership that you’ll never use. Well, for those with a jumper, pair of socks and boots, simply knock off the goggle box, open the door and step outside into the light.....

The Bath Skyline walk is a light 7,500 step stroll that brings you from Widcombe Hill, over the ‘Kissing Gate,’(keep moving) and through the Bathampton Woods.

Brighton Pier the Pavilion and the Lanes walk, takes you along the seafront, through Queen’s Park and Kensington Gardens and back round to the Pavilion – much better for you than a FatBoy Slim gig.

And now for the tunes, (for those who can’t live with Le iPod stuck in their ears), begin with The Meters’ ‘Cissy Strut’ followed by Jankowski’s ‘A Walk in the Black Forest,’ then ‘The Walking Blues’ to see you through to the end.

All guided walks can be seen on the Walk Yourself Fit Page of the Guardian. guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/series/walk-yourself-fit..

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