UK Weather Outlook Bleak For Next Two Weeks

We all love to talk about the weather don't we, and it doesn't let us down when the winter months arrive. The UK Weather forecast for the next couple of weeks paints a bleak and cold picture as low temperatures, snow and showers are forecast across the nation. Yesterday, some parts of Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland saw around 10cms (4 inches) of snow and the cold front that brought the cold to the furthest parts of the country is sweeping down today according to experts at the Met Office.

Wintery gales of up to 70mph are expected across coastal town in the west of the country and then high pressures will move in to create icy conditions that experts are expecting to settle across Britain for up to two weeks. Meteogroup’s Ben Windsor said, “There's a chance of a bit of sleet, but probably not snow,” adding that the areas of the south east can expect temperatures to fall to minus 4C. The Met Office confirmed that the “Temperatures will be below the average maximum for November of 9.13C, and through tomorrow much of country is looking at maybe not much over 5 or 6 degrees.”

The South east will be particularly cold during this period where frost will be widespread, but the whole country will be affected until 3rd December by this latest cold front. The majority of us will get nothing more than showers with snow settling on higher ground, but areas in the North West like Manchester face a weekend with temperatures as low as minus 2C.

Although cold weather is expected, the Met Office is only issuing a yellow severe weather warning which advises UK residents to be aware of the worsening weather, in particular wind and ice. Warnings for tomorrow and the remainder of the week will be updated by the Chief Forecaster.

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