Uk to France ferry trips

Ferry rides can be a lot more relaxing than taking a plane and Britannyferries.co.uk are offering very cheap UK to France Ferry trips as well as to parts of Spain. There ferries leave from Portsmouth, Plymouth, Poole and they also have ferries leaving from Cork in the Republic of Ireland.

They can take you to all the best holiday destinations in both France and Spain allowing you to take the car along aswell This will save you miles of driving and lower fuel costs substantially.They are offering great deals for 2 people with a car return tickets being priced at as little as £85.

The following is a list of some of the great deals the site has on offer, these are minimum prices there might be extra charges:

  • Portsmouth to Caenfrom £93
  • Poole to Cherbourg £85
  • Plymouth to Roscoff £101
  • Portsmouth to Cherbourg £96
  • Portsmouth to St Malo £112
  • Portsmouth/Plymouth to Santander £256
  • Portsmouth to Bilbao £282

The company offers award-winning service with elegant surroundings, stylish bars and lounges full of superb food and drink not and excellent facilites throughout the ship. With such comfort the ferry is a great day away in itself. You will be made feel at home by the friendly staff.

They have package deals that include cottages to stay and you can save up to 25% on French Cottage packages with them. You can choose from a superb selection of hand-picked properties across France in the most beautiful locations from country retreats, to the sand and sea found at coastal resorts.

Check Britannyferries.co.uk for full details on all these amazing offers and travel in style to 2 of the most beautiful countries in Europe. We hope that these UK to France Ferry trips inspire yuu.


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