Booking cheap flights from the UK to France online

UK to France travel

With the shortest distance between England and France being just twenty one miles, it is little wonder why the English enjoy spending their holidays on the other side of the English Channel. And, today, with the advent of low-cost airlines, flying from the UK to France has become a great deal more affordable. Let's look at some of the best places to find flights online.

For those located in the north of England, BMI Baby serve a number of French destinations from Manchester International Airport. Fly to any of Bordeaux, Lourdes, Perpignan or Toulouse from £22.99.

BMI also operate flights from East Midlands Airport to France. Destinations include Chambery and Toulouse from £40.99 and Nice from £27.99. For availability and up-to-date prices, visit www.bmibaby.com.

When flying from the south of the UK to France there are many options for cheap flights. One particular airline operating these routes is Flybe. Flybe fly from Exeter to Bergerac and Southampton to La Rochelle. Check online at www.flybe.com for fares and other routes.

Due to the amount of competition, booking flights online can sometimes be confusing. This is when websites like Eurocheapo.com come in handy. The website searches hundreds of airlines operating flights in your chosen route, thus allowing you to see a comparison of prices. You can then choose to book through Euro Cheapo themselves or go directly to the individual airlines website.

So, now you know, you can start planning that next vacation to France.

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