UK Hols? Smokes, Coffee and a decent read - Too bloody right mate.

Look, you’re going to the UK on Holidays, you’re not exactly going to be packing the sun cream and worrying about Bikini Lines now are you? And unless you’re one of those overly healthy outdoorsy types covered in Goretex and a ‘windswept and interesting look’ – who I think should all be rounded up and shot – then what the hell else are you going to do in the UK?

Why, like all good lazy readers, you’re going to go for a coffee and read a decent book. Or, if you prefer not to get too jacked up on coffee and get into conversations with wierdos – then tea and a crumpet.

So, in the spirit of all skint writers and lazy readers, I’ll let you in on some of my top UK Cafes and don’t worry, it won’t include the Elephant and whatever it is where Harry Potter was born – far too many wierdos and the conversation is really limited up there I’ve found.

Tina we Salute You, 47 King Henry's Walk, London - in my old stomping ground in East London where the owners Steve and Danny used to have a market stall on Brick Lane selling cup cakes, but decided to go for something a bit more permanent when they opened this cafe earlier this year.

It’s got Gift Grub, sofa and top coffee – done deal then? .

If you do insist on heading up J.K. LochRowlandShire(didn’t you know Edinburgh been renamed?) then skip straight past the St*rb**ks (I refuse to dirty my blog with it’s name and its dishwasher brand coffee) and pop into Kilimanjaro, 104 Nicolson St, Edinburghfor a mix of locals, students and tourists for a quality brew and a chance to settle down with the papers. Oh, all day brekkie for the hungover among you. +44(0)1316620135

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