UK holidays in holiday parks

UK holidays parks

Going to a UK holiday park is both cheaper than going abroad and often just as enjoyable, allowing you to explore bits of the UK that you may never have been to before. As you can probably imagine there are loads of holiday parks in the UK, but these are among the best.

For many people one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of holiday parks is Center Parcs, and there's a good reason for that, as it is one of the biggest and best holiday parks in the UK. Set in 400 acres of woodland, Centre Parcs has a variety of luxury accommodations available, as well as a huge number of different activities to try, from quad biking to abseiling to golf, and even some water sports including sailing and scuba diving. On the other hand if you'd rather just relax then you can spend some time in their tranquil spa or enjoy some beauty treatments. Outside of the activities on offer Center Parcs also has a variety of shops and restaurants, so there's really no need to ever leave the park during your holiday. You can make a booking at centerparcs.co.uk.

If you'd rather go somewhere a little less well-known, then consider staying at Waterside Holiday Park and Spa. It's a five star caravan park right by the beach in Weymouth, which features a spa with saunas, steam rooms, a hydrotherapy pool, rainforest and monsoon experience showers and a variety of optional treatments. The park also has bars, restaurants, shops, a club, a pool and a gym, not to mention nightly entertainment in the form of bands, DJ's, cabaret acts and more. While Waterside Holiday Park is not quite as full featured as Center Parcs its superior spa facilities and enviable beach front location mean that it is still a highly notable holiday park. You can book with them at watersideholidays.co.uk, and whether you stay here or Center Parcs you'll be getting one of the best UK holidays in holiday parks.

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