Find the best uk holidays in the sun for 2011 here!

If you are looking for cheap UK holidays in the sun during 2011 you still have plenty of time! There are loads of travel comparison websites now available that offer thousands of last minute packages due to cancellations or simply just not selling the holiday in time. Booking a holiday this way can save you up to 80% on the price of a holiday.

Travelsupermarket.com is one of the UK's best known travel comparison sites and offers thousands of deals updated throughout the day. Searching for a holiday with them is simple. Simply pick a departure airport and a rough date. If you want to go to a specific destination you can enter that, otherwise just leave it blank to find the cheapest deals! They currently have loads of great priced holidays for summer 2011. Some of their best bargains are:

  • 7 nights in the Algarve in a 4 star family friendly hotel. Flights depart from most UK airports. If you can travel within the next 2 days, you can get this deal for an amazing £136 per person!
  • 7 nights in Tenerife in a 4 star family friendly hotel. This hotel is located directly on a quiet beach. there is plenty of nightlife and entertainment in the immediate surroundings. This holiday is available from just £167 per person.

There are thousands more great bargains just like these. For more information on any of these holidays, simply log onto their website at travelsupermarket.com and get searching for UK holidays in the sun for 2011.

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