An Introduction to UK Holidays

With British weather being as unpredictable as it is, many holidaymakers want to go abroad as soon as they get time off work. Much of the Mediterranean and other places practically guarantee good weather in the summer months and beyond. However, if you prefer to avoid airports once in a while and have a cheaper, more local holiday, there's plenty to do in the UK!

UK holidays can include anything from caravan and camping holidays to road trips or city breaks. You may also want to go further afield to some of the lesser visited places in the country, such as the Scottish Isles or, even more remote, the Orkney or Shetland Isles.

There's a vast amount of fascinating places to see on UK holidays and, contrary to popular belief, it doesn't need to be particularly expensive to get around either. The National Express bus company connects many cities around the country and its prices are often much more reasonable than traveling by train. Take a look at nationalexpress.co.uk for the latest deals.

If you are looking for accommodation anywhere in the UK and beyond, tripadvisor.com is one of the best places to start looking. Here you can find the latest deals on hotels and other accommodation as well as customer reviews.

The are often special deals on hotels available, especially off-season. Some great all-inclusive deals can be had for upwards of £250 for a couple for a weekend. City breaks are often the cheapest and most viable holidays, especially if you can find an all-inclusive weekend deal. Why not spend a long weekend in a beautiful city such as York or Durham?

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