Looking for uk holiday parks? Check out these sites based in Devon.

UK holiday parks are a great place to go if you are looking for a cheap, fun and interesting family holiday. There are many to choose from all across the country, and there has been a big revival in this type of accommodation in recent years.

Devon is a lovely part of the country and has a booming tourist trade. Many holiday parks have been renovated and revamped in order to attract new customers.



Parkdean (parkdeanholidays.co.uk) have three separate holiday parks available in Devon. One on the north coast and two on the south.

A three night stay in the Ruda Holiday Park (near Ilfracombe and Croyde Bay), can cost £494 in September, and this is for the Rosemoor Lodge which sleeps up to 8. This is great value if you have a large family and want to get away for a few nights.

At John Fowler Holiday Parks (johnfowlerholidays.com) you can stay in the Bluebell apartment of Illfracombe Holiday Park for just £162 for a three day stay with their online offer, and this apartment will sleep up to 6.

These are just two of the options available in this beautiful area. UK holiday parks really are worth a visit, and there are huge savings to be made on family holidays.

These savings can be spent on meals out and excursions whilst on holiday, or on treating yourselves to another weekend away later in the year.

With the rising cost of flights maybe a holiday in the UK is the right choice for you this year.

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