Your best options for UK golf breaks

UK golf breaks

Are you an avid golfer ooking to plan a weekend golfing getaway for you and your mates? The UK is one of the finest places on the planet to indugle in a spot of golfing, with hundreds of quality courses just waiting to be explored. In this blog, we are going to help you plan your trip as we present the best sites offering UK golf breaks for a reasonable price.

Thanks to the recent recesssion, green fees are dropping all over the UK for even the most prestigious courses. There has never been a better time to go snooping for a bargain when it comes to a golfing holiday, and we recommend checking out the selection on offer from Golf Breaks at www.golfbreaks.com. Simply click on their UK tab to see what kind of deals they are offering. Generally, this site will offer you a round on some of the finest UK courses and one night's hotel for around £89, which is a steal.

Another site that has a massive database of both UK and international courses is the Golf and Leisure Breaks site at www.golfandleisurebreaks.co.uk. This site contains a number of bargains, including the prestigious Celtic Manor resort in Wales (home of the Ryder Cup) for £120. It also has a huge selection of cheap international courses, so why not spread your net a little further out?

A final suggestion we have is to check out the bargains on offer from Best Western at www.bestwestern.co.uk/Breaks/Golf/. Best Western have a massive chain of hotels around the UK, and they offer a host of combined hotel and golf packages directly on their site.

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