Are you looking for UK city breaks top 10?

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Are you wondering what the UK city breaks top 10 are? Here’s all the information you need.

It is not easy to break down all the cities in the United Kingdom to the best 10 but here are some which are classic must visit spots and some newer cities with fantastic offerings for those who choose to visit.

1. Glasgow is a cosmopolitan city with some top museums and art galleries. In fact it has the world’s first Museum of Religion. It also has fantastic shopping with a mix of high street, designer and speciality shops littered around all corners of the city centre.

2. London does not need an introduction. It boasts some of the UK’s most notable landmarks and a thriving cultural and nightlife. Highlights include the London Eye, Tate Modern, the Tower of London and Madame Tussauds.

3. York is one of the UK’s most historic cities with a remarkable architectural heritage. If you enjoy this type of setting you will love the narrow medieval streets of York.

4. Manchester is now one of the most exciting cities in the UK. Highlights such as Old Trafford and City of Manchester Stadium, the Lowry, the Print Works and the music scene make Manchester a must-see modern city.

5. Wales’ capital of Cardiff has revitalised itself with the erection of the Millennum Stadium. With a great selection of historical buildings and museums Cardiff is a great city for all culture vultures. If you visit Cardiff ensure you see the Millenium Stadium and Cardiff Bay

6. Edinburgh is an amazing city which is dominated by its castle. It is made up of Old Town and New Town so there really is something for everyone. Highlights include Edinburgh Castle, chilling ghost tours and a piper on every corner.

7. Bath is another city for the culture vulture with its Roman Baths and Georgian stone crescents. Among the highlights are the Roman Bath Museum, Bath Abbey, 18th century landscape gardens and many, many independent shops.

8. Since becoming the European capital of culture in 2008, Liverpool has become an extremely impressive city. Highlights include Anfield, the museums and the music scene.

9. Leeds has changed greatly in recent years and is now a thriving UK city. Among the highlights are the Royal Armouries, Headingly cricket ground, the Corn Exchange and Henry Moore Institute.

10. Cambridge is unlike any other city. Even though it is an academic city it continues to maintain the feel of a busy market town. Highlights include the great many boutiques, the University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens, King College chapel and the Imperial War museum.

These must surely be the UK city breaks ultimate top 10!

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