Guide to UK caravan holidays - finding late deals

Caravan holidays are a great way to explore the UK. Static caravans can not only be found all over the country, their unique character can add to the holiday experience. For bargain hunters, scouting for late deals is an excellent way of keeping costs low. Many caravan renters offer substantial discounts so if you snag one you may well be able to afford that holiday you always wanted. The following websites have special pages dedicated to late deals. Remember to check them out and remember – the early bird gets the worm; www.ukcaravans4hire.com

This website has a comprehensive listing of late deals and special offers covering a range of caravan types and locations, so it is an excellent place to check out on a regular basis. The last minute offers include an 8 berth caravan in Rhyl, Wales for 3 nights for just £200 and a 2 bedroom caravan in Rye, England for 6 nights for only £360. Using a caravan doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the luxuries – there is 3 bedroom caravan with central heating and double glazing in Dorset for 55 days for £400: www.rentaholidaycaravan.com

This is another website with a page dedicated to UK caravan holidays late deals. Great bargains available here include a 2 bedroom caravan with its own enclosed garden in Cornwall for £395 and a 2 bedroom luxury caravan complete with master bedroom in Lancashire for 7 nights for just £300. Booking a 3 bedroom caravan in Devon could save you up to £750, so getting that last minute holidays could result in substantial savings.

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