Tying the knot in exotic places.

If your dream wedding is non-traditional and you prefer to say ‘I do’ on a balmy beach rather than in your local church, you are not alone. Around one in five couples today are opting for alternative wedding destinations abroad, reports BBC Travel.

It’s also a question of money. You can wed overseas for less than a third of the cost of a traditional wedding in the UK and be sure of the weather to boot. So if you envisage your wedding photos with a turquoise blue sea background, and sun shining on a happy crowd, read on for perfcet choices not too far from home.

Cyprus is one popular destination that has everything. Located in the eastern Mediterranean, there is sunshine nearly all year round, you won’t have a language problem as English is widely spoken and you’re not going to break the bank. Pritoras’s Fig Tree Bay and Green Bay Beach are amongst the best areas. Choose from exclusive boutique hotels to family friendly all-inclusive properties: you’ll find something to suit all budgets. Known by locals as Aphrodite’s Isle, legend has it that the goddess of love rose from the waves here, so what better place to tie the knot?

Apparently, the number of couple choosing the Greek islands for their wedding has gone up since the release of the film Mamma Mia! If thinking of the islands makes you break out into a song, choose one of the smaller, more intimate Greek Isles for your ceremony. Amorgos and Kefalonia are more suitable than the frenzied party islands like Mykonos.

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