Two secluded Mediterranean beach destinations.

If the very word, ‘Mediterranean’, conjures up images of elbow-to-elbow sunbathing and fighting for a spec on the ‘costas’, never fear. There are still a number of secluded Mediterranean beach destinations with stretches of undeveloped coastline, so you don’t have to face a long intercontinental flight to get away from the crowds. We’ve searched the web and come up with the following two from a BBC Travel list.

Try Italy’s Tyrrhenian Coast in the Basilicata region, a 20km stretch of beautiful coastline with turquoise waters squeezed between the better known regions of Calabria and Campania’s Cilento peninsula. Discover hidden coves and sandy beaches protected by steep cliffs. The cliff-perched village of Maratea is a star attraction, but if you’re looking for serious seclusion, nearby hamlets fit the bill.

Alternatively, visit Malta, hire a car and head away from the large touristy resorts to the Delimara Peninsula, where you’ll find a number of good secluded swimming spots along the coast. A natural lido called Peter’s Pool is not easy to find but worth the effort, as you’ll be able to bathe and sunbathe virtually alone. The nearby village of Marsaxlokk has some wonderful seafood restaurants and an attractive harbour dotted with colourful fishing boats.

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