Visit America with Twin Centre Holidays USA

Visiting the United States has never been easier if you take into account the multitude of offers that allow you to explore the American continent at affordable prices. However, there are so many important cities to visit and one can be confused about what to choose first. Luckily, many UK travel agents offer twin centre holidays USA, which allow you to visit two cities in the course of the same trip.

Bon-Voyage.co.uk offers several twin and multi-centre holidays to the American continent at affordable prices. The company has been providing tailor made twin centre holidays since 1979 and it offers tourists the opportunity of making custom arrangements for their trip. From £1495 per person, you can book a trip to New York and Cancun, which will allow you to explore the sights of the Big Apple before hitting the incredible beaches of Cancun.

If you want to combine a stay in New York with the magic of Orlando and its multitude of theme parks, you can choose the New York Orlando holiday available at Kuoni.co.uk. With such a holiday, you can enjoy both the  most famous sights of New York and the unique themed parks of Orlando, which are perfect for a holiday with the entire family. The price of the holiday (£ 2972) includes a Virgin Atlantic return flight from London to New York, a Delta Airlines flight from New York to Orlando as well as 11 nights’ accommodation in New York and Orlando hotels.

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