Turkish sun holidays from Dublin

Turkish holidays from Dublin can cost from €350 for a weeks stay.

Turkey is a Eurasian country. It is 97% located in Asia and 3% in Europe. The population is estimated of around 73 million. The capital is Ankara and the largest city is Istanbul. Oludeniz is a very popular tourist spot for all holiday makers. This town is a beach resort located on the south west coast of Turkey. It has a secluded sandy bay on a blue lagoon where everyone goes to visit. It is such a beautiful bay that will blow you mind away. The lagoon is a national nature reserve that is rated amoung the top 5 beaches in the world. There are many attractions and activities in Oludeniz. You can go paragliding, water rafting, scuba diving if you are looking for an adventure holiday or just relax by the beautiful beaches and soak up the rays of the sun, go horse riding along the sandy beaches or go on a beach trip and enjoy the views out to sea.

Turkish holidays from Dublin can cost form €300 for flights.  www.turkishairlines.com or  www.aerlingus.ie

Staying in Olideniz, Turkey can cost from only €6 per night at the Marcan Beach Hotel. It is situated in a beautiful location in the resort where you can find many restaurants, bars and shops. It is just 50 metres from the beach and 15 kilometres from the town centre. The hotel provides access to many sightseeing opportunities such as the Valley of the Butterflies, Kayakoyu and so much more.  www.marcanbeachhotel.com






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