Turkey visa available online for UK travellers at slightly higher cost

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After initial confusion, major tour operators are now claiming that the new e-visa system for Turkey will actually be a good thing for tourism in general. But how does it work?

As many of you may already know, so far British tourists heading to Turkish land had to get a visa stamped on their passports at immigration control on arrival in the country, at the cost of £10.

However, from now on those travelling to Turkey will be required to obtain their visa via the internet at the cost of £13.

The new e-visa will last 90 days and allow multiple entry. It can be obtained by exclusively from the official Turkish government website at this link: https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/

By no means trust any other website or service provider offering to sell you a Turkis e-visa with possible additional costs. Turkish government advised that there are no other viable sources for official electronic visas at the present time. Anything else than the above website may be a possible fraud, so beware.

Once downloaded and printed, the electronic visa will grant access to Turkish land when presented on arrival together with a valid passport.

The £13 may can be paid by debit or credit card, and it is possible that additional fares will be charged on certain types of cards. It is also believed that currency exchange fees risk pushing the price up still.

Apart from the slightly higher cost though, the new electronic visa system is set to make tourists happier by drastically reduce lengthy queue at the airport. Plus application is very simple: all you need is your passport details handy and a valid email address. No stress, no headaches.

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Just make sure you remember to apply before jumping on a taxi to the airport: you can apply for an e-visa as late as 24 hours before your trip to Turkey but much better would be to allow one week in advance.

The electronic visa will be mandatory from April.

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