Turkey Hotels: How to Choose the Best Accommodations for Your Trip

Turkey hotels are one of the more difficult types of accommodations to book if you don’t speak Turkish. And if you don’t, you are better off booking your trip with websites like turkeyhoteltours.com and hotelsinturkey.net.

Browse by Hotel Name, Region, Star Rating and Descriptions

At turkeyhoteltours.com, you will have lots of search options to choose from in order to arrive at the best possible accommodation for your trip to Turkey. The website even has a list compiled for the most popular ‘charming’ hotels in Turkey.

One of the most popular hotels rated by the website is the Laleli Gonen Hotel, which is located in the Old City and offers rates that are as low as €56 per night. This rate includes a full breakfast for each day of your stay. The 3-star hotel offers Russian and Turkish cuisine in its in-site restaurants, as well as an outdoor pool.

Check Out Guest Houses, Residence Hotels and Airport Hotels

HotelsInTurkey.net also allows users to search Turkey hotels by name, location and star rating. But it also offers users a chance to enjoy cheaper hotels with its list of guesthouses and hostels, as well as easy-to-reach accommodations with its list of airport hotels. The Cordial House is one of the hostels featured in the site. Located in Istanbul, it is also within walking distance of the city’s most popular attractions like the Underground Cistern, the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar. You can pay as low as €60 if you book a room for two.

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