Turkey holidays from Ireland for cheap!

Turkey holidays from Ireland can sometime be a little on the expensive side but this can all be fixed if you know where to look. Luckily for you guys we have done all of the ground work for you, check this.

The sunworld.ie website is our first port of call, we have found a great deal on some fantastic apartments in Izmir. These apartments are located just fifteen minutes walk from the town and beach and are situated in the market area. The apartments have air conditioning, living area, kitchenette with 2-ring hob and fridge, bathroom with shower, and a balcony all available to you.

The flights leave direct from Dublin on the 3rd of September and returns on the 11th. Of course there are always special offers for different dates so do not worry! The whole trip will set you back only €345.00 per person. This is for the flights and the apartments for 7 days, pretty incredible right?

The next deal comes from the latedeals.ie website. This will get you 7 nights in the Sinem hotel. This is a beautiful hotel with an outdoor heated pool located in the centre of the town. You will literally be within walking distance of all the supermarkets, restaurants and bars and just 250metres from the sea.

Flights again are direct from Dublin this time on the 8th of September and returning on the 15th. The whole package will cost each adult £334 and £259 for each child.

Well, that's that, Turkey holidays from Ireland made cheap!

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