See ancient Ephesus with Turkey flights from Easyjet.

Turkey flights are not just for beach holidays. It is possible to see some of the country's ancient heritage by visiting the classical site at Ephesus, scene of the most impressive archaeological remains anywhere in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Easyjet (www.easyjet.com) flies to Izmir from London Gatwick with fares beginning at £34.99 outbound and £29.99 inbound. These fares include taxes, but you will need to pay extra for baggage. With a little searching it should be possible to find round-trip fares for around £80, remarkable for what is almost a long-haul flight.

You can take direct trains from Izmir's very modern airport to the station at Selçuk, which is within walking distance of the ruins at Ephesus. The journey time is a little over one hour. Details of fares and timetables are available at www.tcdd.gov.tr or www.turkeytravelplanner.com.

The walk from Selçuk takes you along a shady, mulberry tree-lined lane. Make the most of it, as there is little shade at Ephesus, and the sun can be implacable. Take plenty of water with you, as the local kiosks sell bottles at inflated prices.

The impressive Roman theatre is an obvious highlight, with an auditorium providing seating for 24,000 spectators. Try to ignore the insensitive slabs of modern concrete restoration and you can recognise it as one of the most significant arenas of the ancient world.

The 2nd century Library of Celsus is also striking, with plaster replicas of the original statues. Ephesus was an ancient seat of learning, at least until the Goths burnt it to cinders in 262.

Christian pilgrims like to climb the Ayasoluk Hill near Selçuk to visit the tomb of St John the Evangelist, and a half-restored Byzantine basilica.

Relax with tea and mezes (or the namesake Efes beer) in one of the town's charming little restaurants, or head for the lively resort of Kuşadasi, with nightclubs and beaches, the kind of place that has become familiar from the other kind of holidays reached on Turkey flights.

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