Turkey adventure holidays - Something for everyone

Very few countries offer as many attractions as Turkey. With miles of unspoilt beaches, a Mediterranean climate, centuries of history and mountainous terrain, there's something for everyone. Turkey adventure holidays can be anything from trekking in central Anatolia, kayaking of the Turquoise Coast, deep sea diving in the Med or a road tour by bicycle through the mountain terrains of Kas.

Walking holidays in Turkey

Walking holidays can be taken at any pace and enjoyed at any age. The adventure in a walking holiday is in discovering things for yourself, like the unusual rock formations in Cappadocia or the floor of the gorge near the city of Kaymakli. When combined with a hot air balloon ride over the walking terrain, you will be able to capture some incredible photos of the landscape from the air and the land.

Turkey on two wheels

If you would like to experience the mountainous terrain at a higher speed, why not book a mountain biking holiday? Whether you want to ride on exquisite coastal peninsulas or off road through the mountains, there are plenty of tour operators ready to take your booking. Touring Turkey on a bike will need guidance and logistical support, which is where the tour operator comes in. They will provide a variety of different places to lay your head and a support vehicle, which travels with your party to transport your baggage and provide a break from cycling.

Turkey on water

If you are an experienced kayaker, you may wish to see explore some of Turkey’s beautiful coastlines in a kayak. The Turquoise Coast in South West Turkey offers some of the best Turkey adventure holidays. Tourists can either stay in a hotel and explore the area by kayak each day or paddle across to some of the tiny islands and set up camp each night in a new location.

Deep sea diving

Turquoise Coast on the Mediterranean shore is also an ideal location for deep sea diving. The warm waters of the Med offer a relaxing way to explore underwater caves and historical sunken wrecks. The waters are also clear, so sea life like Sea bream, Octopus and Barracuda can be seen.

Final word

If unspoilt natural beauty, historically significant architecture and exotic wildlife are not enough to tempt you to visit Turkey, then the range of activities offered by tour operators should be. Whether you are the most adventurous of travellers or simply looking for an activity holiday, Turkey adventure holidays offer something for everyone.

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