Turin's best B&Bs

Turin is a grand, imposing city with a good selection of equally imposing, and expensive, hotels. But when this former capital of Italy was the venue for the Winter Olympic Games in 2006, a host of fun, reasonably priced B&Bs sprung up.

New ones are still opening up today, offering a chance to stay with enthusiastic locals in distinctive apartments, where the room rate usually includes breakfast, free internet and insider tips by the owners to bars and restaurants you won't find in the guidebooks.

Aprile - a romantic B&B, where Instead of preparing breakfast herself, she has arranged for guests to go downstairs to the Neo Head Café, a beautiful bar, set in a tiny baroque chapel, which serves delicious hot chocolate, fresh pastries and croissants, and where everything you order is already included in the room rate, Aprile.

Foresteria degli Artisti - the best deal in Turin, and has to be reserved well in advance, apart from the wood-beamed bedroom, guests have their own cosy lounge with a music system and TV, plus a fully equipped kitchen, ForesteriaDegliArtisti.

Vitamina M - this is Turin's first design B&B, furnished in a cool, minimalist style, Vitaminam.

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