Visit Turin with cheap flights from Ryanair.

Turin cheap flights

For a city break with a difference, try an Italian city with an austere northern atmosphere, and a ready supply of ski slopes close by. Turin with cheap flights available from London, makes a perfect weekend destination.

Ryanair (ryanair.com) flies from London Stansted direct to Turin. Some navigation around their website revealed a remarkable outward price of just £9. This is a tax-free flight. Inward flights start at just £20.99. Even adding on the check-in charges and EU levies it is possible to find a round trip ticket fare of under £50. This assumes you are content to travel with just hand luggage and your travel dates are flexible.

By Italian standards Turin is a very orderly city, organized into squares and grids off Via Roma. It's a delight to wander the very upmarket and elegant arcades of Via Po, an avenue rich with bookshops and expensive coffee-shops.

The tidiness only gives way to indulgence once, at the Mole Antonelliana, a ridiculous architectural combination of Greek temples and a pyramid. Take a glass lift up the tower for fantastic views across the city and north to the Alps.

This is also the location of the National Museum of Cinema (museonazionaledelcinema.it), with fascinating ehhibtions about the origins of cinema, along with screenings of Italian cinema classics. Admission is €7 for adults, €2 for children.

Before leaving Turin on cheap flights back to London, take the time to explore the restaurants of the city, and sample Piedmont cuisine. It's a cross between hearty mountain food and Italian culinary sophistication, and a reflection of the character of this beautiful city.

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