Going on Tunisia hols

Going on Tunisia hols? Tunisia is one of the northern most countries in Africa and is boarded by Algeria and Libya. It is situated in the Mediterranean Sea and well known to all Europeans for its beautiful scenery and beaches. You can get to do all sorts of things in Tunisia, head to Suisse in the east coast, it is amazing there and also visit the Sahara desert, you can grab a train here and ride across on a camel. Tunisia has natural beauty and enough history to amaze anyone that travels here.

Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and also the largest with a population of around 728,000. The city extends along the costal plain with hills all around it. It is built on a hill that slopes down to the lake of Tunis and located at a crossroads between Lake Tunis and Sejoumi. Geologists call it the "Tunis dome" which includes hills of limestone and sediments. There are many historic places to be visited by tourists. If you are looking to have some fun in Tunisia: Sousse and Hammamet is where the nightlife is very active and a bit more safer at night time. The days in Tunis can be very warm, up to 32 degrees celsius in the month of July, it also rains in the winter months but the temperature is still warm ranging from 16 to 22 degrees celsius.

Flying to Tunisia varies depending on what time of the year you want to go. You may also have to have a stop over on the way. Prices can start from €368. Visit: www.alitilia.com or www.airfrance.com

Looking for somewhere to stay on your Tunisia hols? Hotel room rates are higher in the summer months as more people travel there for the hot weather. It is much cheaper to stay and eat if you stay away from the holiday resorts. A 3-star hotel in Tunis can cost from only €185 per person for half board and €200 for full board. Acqua viva beach hotel is situated on Gammarth beach, just 15 minutes away from the airport and from the tourist boulevard of La Goulette. It offers 24-hour reception, cafe, bar, restaurant, disco, games rooms for children. This hotel also has a ranch with horses and camels. There is some thing for everyone in the family in this location, see more at: www.travelrepublic.ie/AcquaVivaBeach


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